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Welcome to Willy's entire world!

All maps open in a popup window, and all rooms within the maps will open up the room details window when clicked. Couldn't be simpler!

MASSIVE thanks and HUGE credit must go to Andrew Clover for his original JSW:O map (from which I've borrowed heavily to form all the maps here!)

Original thumbnail
Manic Willy thumbnail
Manic Willy
Willy On The Run thumbnail
Willy On The Run
Pitfall Willy thumbnail
Pitfall Willy
Pitfall II thumbnail
Pitfall II
Dark Tower thumbnail
Dark Tower
Assault Course thumbnail
Assault Course
Jail Break thumbnail
Jail Break
The Laboratory thumbnail
The Laboratory
Construction thumbnail
Frantic thumbnail
Full Circle thumbnail
Full Circle
A-MAZE-ING thumbnail
Training Ground thumbnail
Training Ground
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